Clinicians who are managing patients with COPD are required to be appropriately trained*, or willing to train to an appropriate standard for the level of care they will be delivering.
*COPD Diploma or equivalent or a locally approved training course to meet minimum standards

The following should form part of the consultation and should be recorded.

Patients with mild/moderate/severe COPD should be reviewed at least once a year
Patients with very severe COPD should be reviewed at least twice a year.

Provision should be made for house bound patients to be reviewed in line with the above.

Record current smoking status, and where appropriate smoking cessation advice and referral for smoking cessation, also record number of pack years smoked.

It should be offered to all people with COPD who consider themselves functionally disabled. It is not suitable for people unable to walk, who have unstable angina, or who have had a recent myocardial infarction
[National Collaborating Centre for Chronic Conditions, 2004]

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