Excellence in Asthma

The ‘Dudley Respiratory Group ‘Excellence in Asthma’ is an attempt to build on current good practice in asthma provided by all Dudley’s GP Practices. We hope that practices who undertake this will find it useful and support the attempts of all Healthcare Professionals to empower their patients to manage their own asthma symptoms.


Practices will be required to 

  1. Practice will have a named Asthma Nurse and Lead Asthma GP
    The named leads will be the key point of contact for their Practice. Information will be sent to them by email to cascade accordingly.
  2. Named Asthma Nurse and GP will attend one 3 hour ‘Asthma Update’ session, organized by Dudley Respiratory Group (DRG)
    Dudley Respiratory will organize a number of training sessions throughout the year. This will consistent of a 3 hour training session on Adult and Paediactric Asthma Management. Each lead will be expected to attend one of these sessions during the year
  3. To upload an asthma template for reviews. READ codes will be provided by DRG
    You will be expected to carry out a comprehensive asthma review using the READ codes below
  4. Use DRG Asthma Management Plans.
    DRG will provide your practice with Asthma Management Plans to give to your patients. You will be expected to offer these to your patients whom you review.
  5. Lead GP and Nurse to complete a Health Care Professional questionnaire and 20 patient satisfaction questionnaires
    After attending the 3 hour training session each LEAD will be expected to complete a questionnaire
    Each practice will be expected to ask 20 patients to complete a satisfaction questionnaire. This will be provided by DRG and the patient will return in a freepost envelope to a designated address. Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires will be coded to each individual practice

This will commence on June1st 2011 and practices who wish to participate will have to sign up by June 30th 2011. 

We envisage that this will become a rolling programme, but initially we plan to run it for a year so evaluation and any changes necessary can be made.

If a practice is successful it will receive a mounted certificate indicating they provide excellent asthma care within Dudley and will be able to use the DRG Excellence in Asthma logo on its letterhead for the next 2 years.

FULL DETAILS WIIL BE PROVIDED once the application for has been submitted.

St John's House, Union St, Dudley, West Midlands, DY28PP, United Kingdom